Kanye West's Stepfather reveals how spoilt he was by his late Mother

Kanye West's Stepfather reveals how spoilt he was by his late Mother

kanye west with his mom and stepfather
Kanye West Mom.
I don't think anyone will be surprised by the revelations in this article.You only have to take one look at Kanye's tantrums to realise he was a spoilt kid.
Kanye is known for his talent, creativity and outrageous and  proclamations.Now Daily Mail Online can reveal that Kanye West's behavior began at an early age and it helped wreck his mother's relationship with the man who welcomed Dr. Donda West and her son into his home and tried to to be a father figure to the teenager. 

Willie Scott, in his first ever media interview, told Daily Mail Online that Kanye's continued refusal to do any chores or obey his simple rules led him to ask his girlfriend to

leave his home after living together for four years.Scott said he and Kanye's mother Donda, an English professor, split over her refusal to control her son in his home and that the couple even sought professional help to try and save their six-year relationship.

Scott, who is 81 and still lives in the same detached house in a Chicago suburb, said:

 'Kanye didn't want me with his mother or any man for that matter. He was wrapped up into his mother'We went to a counselor to see if we could get him on the right path'But Donda wasn't interested. She anted ME on the right path. And that is what the dilemma was.'He [Kayne] was about 14. He was a beautiful kid, but he was aggressive and he was self assured.

'He told me in front of his mother that he didn't want to have to do anything he didn't have to.So that left the discipline on me basically. And he wasn't cooperative. He had to take the responsibility for living here and he wasn't really willing to do that.'She would make excuses for him. She would describe her son as a "genius"
But he was not into doing anything but his (rap) work. He did his thing which was doing his music.

'He was not interested in anything else, not maintaining anything.'

Scott said Kanye would refuse to cut the grass on the lawn and would desist from menial tasks like dealing with the trash or walking the dog.

'His mother would take the garbage out and he would stuff the old garbage in the can and put a new bag over it because he didn't want her to say anything to him.

'He was a very creative kid, but he didn't want anything to interfere with what he was doing, and that was his music.'
teenage kanye west
Scott said Kanye was rarely rude to him, but was determined to keep his mother onside and against the man who had fallen in love with her.Kayne had gotten used to being the only person in his mother's life and he wanted to preserve the status quo.

But Scott said although Kanye was rarely rude to him, he always relied on his mother's support.

'He was the only child and she loved him to death. She was locked into him period.'She had him lock, stock and barrel. So it would not have mattered for me to talk to him when she was the one who made the difference.He never talked back at me or anything. But he says what's on his mind. It comes from his mom basically.

'She was restrained but he wasn't, he would just fly out.
 Scott said he was 'insulted', however, by some of Kanye's antics like refusing to clean the bathroom or do other household chores and instead spend hours in his bedroom with his musical chums.He twice told the teenager his friends were banned from his house until he could accept his responsibilities but Kanye refused.
kanye west room as a teenager
Kanye's room
He said the tension between he and the rapper could have been avoided had his lover been less supportive of her son and more of him.

'We talked about the fact that she didn't discipline him. We went to a counselor to try and get things smoothed out. But her mind was on him being a millionaire.'
He said Dr West would often describe her son as a 'genius,' instilling a no-nonsense confidence in him and appreciating his love for music and writing.

He added:

'He was the only child and she loved him to death. She was locked into him period.'
With Kanye in the middle between them, Scott said he realized after four years living under the same roof that the relationship could go no further.
'Eventually I asked that he and Donda to move out.'He had to take the responsibility for living here and he wasn't really willing to do that.'
Dr West died in November 2007 at the age of 58 after being admitted to a hospital in Marina del Rey, California. Her health began to deteriorate following a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure.
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