Katt Williams Punches fan in Fight and apologizes to Kevin Hart all in a week!

Katt Williams Punches fan in Fight and apologizes to Kevin Hart all in a week!

katt williams fight

Katt Williams fight.
Star comedian Katt Williams has found himself in a world of trouble over the last few weeks, including getting arrested for allegedly punching a store clerk–he laid face-down with his hands behind his back several minutes before police arrived–and causing a scene outside an Atlanta store, where he allegedly held five women at gunpoint and stole their cell phones. Unfortunately for the troubled Williams, it appears that tables turned last night in Philadelphia.
According to footage below, the comedian was on stage at a Beanie Sigel show in Philly, entertaining the crowd and carrying on with his usual Katt Williams dancing antics when, for reasons unbeknownst
to the public as of the time of this writing, he charged at a nearby man on the stage, and punched him in the face. Though the YouTube footage isn’t continuous, it appears Williams’ attack led to him being jumped by several other people on stage, and in the commotion you can see Williams on the ground getting punched and kicked before the scuffle was broken up.
It’s been a rough month of March for Katt Williams, and hopefully he figures a way out of this tailspin.

Katt Williams Kevin Hart.
The comedian has been in the news lately for different reasons.Only a couple of days ago Katt Williams apologized to Kevin Hart for a recent string of slams, saying that he “should have never mentioned” the Philadelphia native’s name.
The trouble started late last week following an Atlanta stop on Williams' ongoing Conspiracy Theory tour that had the comedian calling Hart a “puppet.” Following that incident, Williams issued a $5 million comedy challenge to Hart via social media.
“I don’t care nothing that happens to Kevin,” Williams said last week. “I just wish him the best. I just know that there’s somebody’s hand stuck up that baby, you understand? Oh, we’re a puppet show, boo-boo. Please believe it. You’re looking at the only n—— that ain’t.”
Now, following Williams’ “unexpected” appearance on Atlanta’s WVEE 103 Thursday afternoon, it would appear that the comedian has seen the error of his ways.
“I should have never mentioned Kevin Hart’s name,” Williams told host Big Tigger. “I also want to humbly apologize to Kevin Hart. The face that he’s a black male like me, and the fact that I attacked him at such a time when our country is already divided in every way it could be divided — racially, politically, economically, socially, religiously.”

Does this mean this will bring the Katt Williams vs Kevin Hart scenario to an end?I don't think so,but time will tell.

Katt Williams Net worth 2015.

Katt is one of the most successful black comedians in the world.The actor Comedian who's full name is Micah Sierra Williams,made $10m in last year.He is successful as a comedian ,rapper and an actor.
Earning from these:
Blazin Four $1 million
Priceless $625,000
School Dance $571,429
Scary Movie 5 $512,821
Lonely Street $434,783
Total money of these Movies $3 million
Katt Williams Comedian, actor, rapper net worth in these years (USD)
2011: $5,128,205
2012: $6,779,661
2013: $8,333,333
2014: $9,090,910
2015: $10,000,000
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