Madonna erratic behaviour by pulling down top of Australian fan on stage or contrived?

Madonna pulls down top off fan on stage in Australia! That was the latest headlines in all the papers and blogs in the last few days.This we are led to believe is Madonna being a bad ass and Rock and Roll.Still with that shock factor those she is well past her 50th birthday.Well,i beg to differ,i think this was all planned.This is a common Madonna stunt,always trying to find an invented shocking news to stay in the limelight.I could understand this 20 years ago..30 years ago.But isn't it time Madonna left this for the Miley Cyrus' of today?How long is she going to insist on being a parody of herself? Sad if you ask me.I love Madonna and i think she is very talented,but if she thinks she can only be relevant by doing all this nonsense,then she must have a very little opinion of herself.

Diana Ross and Tina Turner still had and have credibility today even at 70 plus.They didn't pull all this ridiculous stunt at 70 plus,so what is the material girl's problem?
Madonna who has been acting erratic since the beginning of her world tour did something really bizarre last night in Australia.
She invited a female fan on stage then pulled the fan's top down exposing her left breast. The fan and the audience were all shocked. After she did that she said:
'This is the kind of girl you just want to slap on the a**'. Then added 'Oh s**t. Oh sorry, sexual harassment.'
Id the fan isn't one of the people that was planted in the crowd, she might sue her for sexual harassment but who knows.
 She's being behaving really odd during her concerts. People have complained that her concerts have been marred by mumbling lyrics, late starts and stumbling choreography. In one show she begged: 'Someone please f*** me', while drinking from a fan's hip flask.

According to Daily Mail, people thought the fan was going to sue Modonna for the humiliation because according to Australian law it is a crime to touch someone indecently without their consent, but Queensland police told Daily Mail Australia that no complaint has been lodged.
Madonna really needs to let it go...A good Champion always knows when to exit the stage.Not the musical stage,but i'm sure you get my drift.

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