Moment wife caught husband about to cheat with her best friend(video)

wife catches cheating husband

Cheating Husbands.
A wife's greatest nightmare came through when her world came crashing down right before her very own eyes.
25 year old Leslie Varner was very shocked and upset when she learnt that her husband of three years and father of their child was planning to cheat on her with her best friend. According to Leslie, her husband had cheated on her before but she was enraged when she found out he'd had been secretly Facebook texting her best friend. The best friend told Leslie about her husband's move on her and the two decided to set him up. Her best friend, Sam, invited her husband Cody, for some 'one on one' time, all planned with Leslie and then the drama began. Leslie filmed everything. Watch the video after the cut.

wife catches husband about to cheat with her best friend

Video below... Leslie has since asked for a divorce...

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