Nigerian child Starved for Witchcraft rescued by Danish woman makes remarkable recovery

hope the witch craft boy

Seeing this pictures fills my heart with joy.Hope was the little boy abandoned by his family because they thought he had witch craft.The emaciated body of Hope brought tears to eyes of those who saw him.I can't even put those pictures up here because its too heart breaking.But imagine those poor starving children at the Biafra war or the concentration camps,and you will get an idea of what Hope looked like.
Hope, was discharged from the hospital today. Danish aid worker, Anja Ringgren Loven
shared photos of Hope smiling while playing with other children in the orphanage and wrote;

"Finally finally finally !!!! Today Hope was discharged from the hospital !! The children have been so excited all day ! My son David Jr. and I are now back in Denmark because tomorrow I will start my tour around the country. And oh how I wish I was there today. Looking at these pictures of the children playing with Hope makes me totally speechless. Our dream came true! Can you imagine! This is what humanity is all about! Children see magic because they look for it and now Hope has finally found his magic"
hope rescued by Danish ladyNigerian boy Hope accused of witch craft
Little boy hope saved by Anja Ringgren LovenHope saved by Anja Ringgren Loven after being abandoned for witch craft
Hope witch craft boy discharged from hospital

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