Toke Makinwa says why her marriage failure left her ashamed

Toke Makinwa says why her marriage failure left her ashamed

Toke Makinwa is over marriage shame.
Toke Makinwa wedding.
Toke Makinwa has been through a tough time in the last year.We all know Nigerians can be a tough people.I don't think there is a female public personality that gets as much criticism as Toke.Her name just generates controversy.When there is a Toke post,you can bet there will be tons of comment.They are either giving her a hard time about her bleaching,about her accent,about her wearing too much make up ,about her giving wrong relationship advice or fashion tips.But the biggest of all was about her failed marriage to fitness instructor Maje Ayida.

To start with ,she had a hard time when people asked her why she was not married despite dating Maje for 8 years,then when she did announce the wedding,it was another wahala.
The make up diva.
The fashion queen.

Toke and estranged husband Maje Ayida.

So you can imagine how people went to town with their opinions when Toke and Maje's marriage crashed after he impregnated a side chick he had known for years.
Unsurprisingly,Toke was not so much involved in giving relationships advice after this.

It was very understandable,cos after all,who wants to listen to a woman who could not even keep her own marriage and hold on to her husband?

Toke has admitted all these now saying  following her marriage controversy, she felt uncomfortable talking about relationships..But now she is not gonna be ashamed anymore and is determined to move on and do what she used to do in the past.Give more advice.Whether anyone would listen is another thing.But you can bet Miss Makinwa is going nowhere soon...And there will be more controversial posts and debates to follow the elegant lady...

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