Update on Whitenicious' Dencia and Pearl who defrauded her of 40 Million Naira!

pear who defrauded Dencia of 40 million naira and her boyfriend
Pear who defrauded Dencia of N40m and her boyfriend Bolaji she gave money to 

dencia defrauded story

Dencia defrauded.
Whitenicious CEO and pop singer, Dencia has slammed reports she was Pearl's lesbian partner and got jealous and decided to carryout a vendetta against her. Following Dencia's statement about her staff and shopper, Pearl Chuks stealing 40 million + $13,000 from her,some argued that ,the only reason  Dencia would have entrusted her with such a huge
amount of money,was if they were romantically involved.

Dencia who confirms Pearl is locked up,says the recent stories are coming from Pearl's family, and vows she will retrieve her money.

Whitenicious CEO Dencia.

whitenicious dencia defrauded by pear part five

Messages Dencia reacted to as posted on twitter by @SubDeliveryMan
how dencia defrauded by pear part three

dencia defrauded by pear part two
dencia defrauded by pear part one

I personally don't believe all these crap story.We saw the girl on tape,and she was clearly admitting she stole Dencia's money.She wrote everything down.Even if they were lovers,there is definitely no doubt that Peal had stolen all that money.Does being someones lover give you the right to steal their money? NO....
We also saw all the chats about how Pearl and her boyfriend Bolaji planned to steal Dencia's black card which had unlimited funds.This statement here is all lies.Pearl is a thief who has betrayed the trust and goodness of Dencia.She deserves to be jailed.

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