You WILL not believe what David Letterman looks like now after retirement!

David Letterman now.
This is absolutely incredible.David letterman looks nothing like himself! I could be standing next to this man for 30 mins and not guess he was the same man i had seen on telly many times.
David Letterman with a beard?Wow! Who would have thought it.Not just any beard,but one that would make Santa proud too,lol...David Letterman bald? Yep we all saw that coming,that comb over did not fool no one,but he just looks so different altogether.One
thing is apparent though,he looks very happy after retirement.I guess if your net worth was $400m after retirement,you would look very happy too.
The ex Late Night Show host retired in May 2015.
The 68-year-old was pictured jogging in the Caribbean island of St Barts recently sporting more hair on his face and less hair on his head.
Before these pictures surfaced, Letterman has hardly been seen in public since his retirement and also hasn’t tweeted since last July.

Sad that i missed his last show though,that must have been fun..Even now with that big grin on his face,you can tell David is still a bag of fun!

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