705,352 people apply for 10,000 Nigeria Police jobs!

Nigeria police job applications
Nigeria police News.Incredible revelation.The Police Service Commission, PSC,  has received 705,352 applications since it's portal was opened barely three weeks ago.The commission however has only 10,000 spots available. 

A statement signed by the commission’s spokesman, Ikechukwu Ani, said 
202,427 had successfully applied for the position of Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police, ASP; 169,446 for Cadet Inspector and 333,479 as Constables. “The commission will be recruiting 500 Cadet Asps, 500 Cadet Inspectors, 1,500 Specialist Officers and 7, 500 Constables to meet the President’s approved 10,000 new entrants into the Force,” the statement said.
This only goes to highlight the level of unemployment in the country,when so many people can apply for the Nigeria police jobs.Nigeria has so much man power,if only we can carry out various projects to move the country forward booth infrastructurally and other fields such as farming and technology.
Nigeria police uniform
Thousands of applicants are dying to wear the Nigeria Police uniform.

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