Are PDP saying Buhari's daughter can't fly 1st class on his salary?

Hanan Aisha Buhari flies 1st class scandal.

What is the uproar of Buhari's daughter supposedly flying 1st class? Are they saying as the President of Nigeria,Buhari's salary is not enough for his 16 year old daughter to fly 1st class if he wants her to?
President Buhari has not banned cabinet ministers from flying 1st class,he has banned them from flying 1st class while on official duty.If its your private time and money,you can do whatever you like
with it or fly which ever way you choose!

PDP outcry over Buhari's daughter flying 1st class.

Buhari's reply to his critics over daughter flying 1st class.
 PDP and those making a meal of this are getting it all wrong,its not about not flying 1st class for the sake of it.You can fly 1st class 20 class or 0 class for all you choose,as long as its not with NIGERIA'S MONEY! Now what PDP should be bringing to the table is ,Buhari's daughter flew 1st class on Nigeria's budget account or money,then we can talk.Till then they should shut their mouths and wait to get probed by the EFCC for all the money they stole while in power!

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