Black Chyna shows off new Funky hairstyle(pictures)

Blac Chyna hair.

Blac Chyna hair has seen so many styles over the years.But she has been showing off her new hairstyle in a series of pictures.I quite love this new hair of her's.It's got that afro African vibe going on.Hard to believe that at a point Blac Chyna's hair was almost gone totally.A quick hair transplant surgery saved that and now she has full lovely hair.I wonder if new boyfriend Rob Kardashian approves?I'm sure he does,lol.
Check out more of the Blac Chyna new hair after the cut.

Another picture showing Blac Chyna's receeding and bald head before her hair surgery.

you can see Blac Chyna's bald patch here before her hair surgery.
Blac Chyna hairstyle.

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