Chaos at Ojota Bus stop as Pedestrians are forced to use bridge to cross Road.

pedestrians forced to used the overhead bridge at Ojota bus stop.

Ojota bus stop pedestrian bridge.Nigerians are a very unique people.We have no patience and no regard for the simply laws at most times.
This morning, officials of Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) stormed Ojota bus stop in Lagos to enforce the usage of pedestrian bridges. Anyone caught crossing the Ojota express road would be arrested and fined. The officials positioned themselves on both sides of the road so Lagosians were forced to use the bridge whether it was convenient for them or not. You can imagine the resultant chaos...a massive queue has formed and the whole bridge is jam
packed even as at the time of this post's creation. Fact is, it's a lot faster crossing the express way, but the the bridge is safer so the government has opted for safety over speed, a development Lagosians are not finding funny at all.
But haven't we seen it all before? Give it 2 days,4 at most and we shall all be back to where we were last week.We simply have no maintenance culture.Remember the war against the Okada?More than 1 person cannot ride a bike and you must always wear crash helmets.Well,look on the streets now and see how that is being maintained.So many things,cars driving through one way,cars without side mirrors,cars without MOT,cars with burnt out tyres,cars driving on kerbs..and i could go on and on.All these things mentioned,at a time were seriously being fought against by officials in campaigns.But a few weeks later it is all forgotten.Nigeria we hail thee.
 See more photos from the 'Ojota Crossing' below...

People queuing at Ojota bus stop waiting to use the pedestrian bridge.

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