Church buys Canadian based Ghanaian Prophet Dr. Kofi Danso private jet!

Church buys Canadian based Ghanaian Prophet Dr. Kofi Danso private jet!

Picture of  Prophet Kofi Danso inside his new private jet.

Pastor Dr. Kofi Danso private jet.When will Africans ever learn? I will tell you when,NEVER!
 A church based in Canada gifted a private jet to its Ghanaian pastor on his birthday.

The church, Miracle Arena for All Nations in Toronto, Canada founded in 2011 by Dr. Kofi Danso and wife Rev. JoAnne Danso.On his birthday in Febuary 2016, the church presented the private jet to Dr. Danso and his wife for their passion and charisma towards

the work of God.

Prophet Dr. Danso noted that he had prophesied that God was going to bless him with a jet this year on his birthday and so was not too surprised when the church bought him one.
Prophet Danso said it feels good to have a private jet because it will ease his travels, adding that it will also help reach more souls with the word of God.He also noted it was a necessity not a luxury .

I cannot forever believe how people can be so gullible and let these fake men take them for fools.Back in the days we used to scream if they had a luxury car,now they all have private jets.The private jets is more important to them than the lives of millions of babies they can feed in Africa or third world countries,it is more important than the kids who have no shoes to wear to school or books to read.Do you know how much it costs to run a private jet in a month? It will feed thousands of kids and build schools all over the continent..Sad really and men like Pastor Kofi Danso or prophet or whatever the hell he calls himself makes me sick!

Have you read about this man? His biography is like a fashion or vanity parade,incredible!

“Every church should do this for their pastors if they can. The more we help pastors to reach one continent or the other we help fulfill the gospel,”
Prophet Danso who has lived in Canada for five years is married with four kids.

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