Comedienne Oyinbo Princess and her husband celebrate wedding anniversary.

Naija comedienne Oyinbo Princess and her husband.

Oyinbo Princess should not sound foreign to you if you engage on social media.The White British lady has become so popular amongst Nigerians with her comedy routines in Naija humour.
Oyinbo Princess and her Nigerian husband are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary today April 12th. She shared the photos above and wrote;

"HAPPY 4th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to my boo & I!! 🌟⭐️🌟 Omo time flies eh, 4yrs still feels like yesterday!! We tied the knot with our wonderful families present, we accept each other traditions, embrace each other's culture, use understanding before questioning and most of all love colour blind... May God continue to bless what he brought together. Boo I love you 💖😘⭐️😍#InterracialLove #WeddingAnniversary#Love9ja #BlackAndWhite#OyinboPrincessSaysSo".

Oyinbo Princess.

Listening to Oyinbo Princess speak is a joy,her pidgin English is better than mine,if you closed your eyes ,you would actually think she is Nigerian,so it is rather embarrassing for some people who claim they lived in Lagos for example for 15 years and can't speak Yoruba,i think that is so wrong! You wouldn't travel to France and live there for 15 years without being able to speak French would you? So why do we always ignore and belittle our own? 

Happy wedding anniversary my dear Oyinbo Princess,here's to more years!

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