Cynthia Morgan finds her German Juice as stolen Range Rover is found.

Cynthia Morgan german juice

Cynthia Morgan has found her stolen Range Rover.The German Juice singer had it stolen a few weeks ago and had been sad over the loss as she had to resort to taking Taxi's to get from A to B.But social media came in to play a big part in the recovery.
On April 10, a social media user posted pictures of a white range rover that had been suspiciously parked in his estate for a while. According to the poster, he suspected that the car was stolen because it hadn't been moved since it was parked few weeks ago, and the vehicle was without a plate number. In addition, the car was parked next to a compound with
only low income earners housing - which made it even more suspicious.

The stolen Range Rover of Cynthia Morgan.

Along with his message, the poster shared photos of the car parked at Enahoro street in Atlantic View Estate, Alpha Beach road, Lekki.

Within a few hours of the message posted online, fans tagged Cynthia Morgan and alerted her to identify if it's her missing range rover that was stolen two weeks ago in Ikeja.

Cynthia Morgan did, and you won't believe that the vehicle is actually her missing car!! The police has now retrieved the car from the spot. What the police weren't  able to do, social media did within a very short time! Never ever underestimate the power of social media!


Cynthia Morgan Range Rover found.

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