Diepreye Alamiyeseigha funeral pics at service held by Bayelsa state government.

Diepreye Alamiyeseigha burial pictures.

Diepreye Alamiyeseigha burial.A funeral ceremony held for the first governor of Bayelsa today by the  Bayelsa state government.The former President Goodluck Jonathan and Senator Ben Murray-Bruce was at the Bayelsa state government's Valedictory State Council session held in honor of the former governor of the state, Alamiyeseigha. He will be interred tomorrow April 9th. Continue to see more photos from Diepreye Alamieyeseigha burial.

Goodluck Jonathan at Diepreye Alamiyeseigha funeral.

Alamiyeseigha's coffin. 

Alamiyeseigha coffin arrives at his funeral service.

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