Flavour throws birthday party for his father elder Benjamin Onyemaechi Okoli.

flavour nabania and his parents

Flavour Nabania throws birthday party for father elder Benjamin Onyemaechi Okoli..The singer threw his dad a birthday party in Enugu over the weekend.That's so sweet of him.There is nothing like a child being successful while his parents are still alive to be celebrated.I can see Flavour takes features from both his parents,his father's skin tone,his mother's height and nose.But the face looks more like his dad i think.See more pictures of Flavour and his parents after the cut... .

Flavour Nabania with his mum and dad.
elder Benjamin Onyemaechi Okoli flavour's father

Anna Banner Flavours baby Mama with her daughter.
Anna Banner one of Flavour Nabania's two baby mamas also attended the party.You see photos of her below.father, 

Anna Banner and daughter

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