Fuel scarcity Today in Nigeria-A sad sign of the times

Fuel scarcity today in Nigeria is nowhere near getting better.Now the petrol stations are refusing to sell fuel in jerry cans,so Nigerians are taking their generators to the fuel stations! This is just incredible! How long is this nonsense going to carry on for? Call me naive,i might not know anything about the oil and gas industry,but the fact remains that Nigeria is an oil producing country.How can an oil producing country have fuel queues?This fuel scarcity of today just flabbergasts me.All our
refineries are not working,one works today another breaks down tomorrow.How could we have all the money in the world(not anymore apparently,but we did in the past)and not be able to run refineries? Why didn't they even build refineries in every state? There was a time we had the money to do that.You know why they didn't?The obvious answer,CORRUPTION!

The government of Buhari have blamed the past administration of Goodluck Jonathan and PDP for the problem we are facing now,maybe so,but the APC have had 9 months in charge now,it's time we start seeing some signs that they can fight this problem.I understand that the price of oil has drastically reduced,but it's high time their plan B if they have one starts rearing its head.Like i have always said,1 year is too soon to see a change in a country as vast as Nigeria,but we wanna see signs that things are on the men....FAST!

Now we are at a state where we have no fuel,we have no fuel to run our cars,business or homes,and there is no power either! Such a sad state of things today in Nigeria with this continuous fuel scarcity song.

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