Future counter sues Ciara $15m suit as their childish show rolls on

Suits and counter suits is the new theme for Ciara and Future.

Future and Ciara relationship.
Future's firing back at Ciara's $15 million defamation lawsuit with a countersuit ... saying he couldn't possibly have damaged her rep, since she's currently lacking one. 

Frankly this two are an embarrassment to their son.That poor boy will grow up one day and see how immature both his parents are,really terrible to see this happening.Haven't these two adults got friends or family who can call them to order?I guess one is too busy smoking weed while the other is too
busy being a diva!
I was watching Ciara the other day reading out the list of nominees for a music award show and refused to mention Future's name.It was left to her co presenter to read out the name.How childish! This is the father of father of your baby,your son for Petes sake!
Must you bring your drama for the whole world to see? Can't you act dignified in public and do all your drama in private?

As per Future,the less said the better.A grown man calling the mother of his son despicable names in public.These two are the most selfish people around.They haven't stopped a second to see what effect this might have on their son in Future.

Parents being separate is hard enough for any child,when the parents then decide to act like two spoilt uncivilized adults,then its another thing entirely.

Ciara with her son,baby Future.
Future and Ciara breaks off engagement is probably the best thing to happen to that boy in a strange way,cos these two would have turned that boy into a wreck with their bickering and fighting if they had stayed together.

Now,lets talk about that stupid counter lawsuit.According to The Jasmine Brand, in his counter lawsuit ... Future says Ciara does not currently have a successful career.  He says she does not have a “huge” fan base and is certainly not famous around the entire world and points out to her last album being a flop along with her currently not winning any awards. 

Future also blasts his baby mama for claiming her success helped his career  saying she had no part in his rise to the top and needs to stop living in the past.

He states that Ciara is the one who is trying to create media attention for herself by using his celebrity status and the status of her “apparent” fiancĂ© Russell Wilson along with using their minor child.
He says if she were such a great mother she wouldn’t parade their son around cameras and would actually work with him to create a schedule for him to see his kid.

Future slapped Ciara with a counter-suit demanding she cease making any further false statements about him, along with her being ordering to pay his legal fees for her frivolous lawsuit and also unspecified punitive damages for violating the law with her nonsense complaint. Future also wants all her claims against him to be thrown out and Ciara be awarded nothing from her $15 mill complaint.

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