Hilarious video of Girl crying over Buhari and Fuel scarcity

The girl crying over fuel scarcity and asking Buhari to do something or leave.

Buhari memes or Buhari reality?Have you seen the video of the girl crying and begging Buhari to give up the presidency and bring back Goodluck Jonathan?
The video which has gone viral shows a young girl shedding tears and calling on President Buhari to do something about the fuel scarcity. She says she used to buy bread for N20 but now she now gets it for N100. And then she says “ I’ve been imagining…lots of things have
been going through my head. I don’t know …Buhari, I don’t know. My room is very heat …no light …nothing.” The funniest part was when she said he is not facing his spiritual problem but he is facing international problems...Nigerian are hilarious.

The video as expected has generated a lot of reactions from Nigerians with different views.Girls crying on video now seems to be the latest craze.Remember the girl or girls crying over the P Square split? Noiw it is President Buhari's turn for a girl to cry over.

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