How April Fool’s Day started

April Fool day.
How did April fool's day start?We are about to unveil that to you here.April Fool day is a huge event in any family,amongst friends and family.The fun on the big day ranges from April Fool ideas,April Fool pranks and April fool quotes that we hold on to for years.I remember the best days of my childhood was the pranks we played against each other in my household.THE origin of April Fool’s Day isn’t clear, but appears to partly date back to 1582, when Pope Gregory XIII ordered a change to the Gregorian calendar.
This moved New Year’s Day to January 1 rather than on or around March 25 or April 1, and France changed in that year.

People began to make fun of the traditionalists who continued to celebrate the new year at the start of April, which led to them being tricked or sent on “fool’s errands”. Gradually the practice spread to other countries.

But it doesn’t completely explain April Fool’s Day’s history, because England didn’t adopt the Gregorgian Calender until 1752 — and by then, April Fool’s Day was a regular celebration.
Other ancient festivals — the Roman Hilaria, the Indian colour festival Holi, the Jewish Purim and the Medieval Feast of Fools all incorporated elements of lightheartness or playing tricks on friends. Most of these are set sometime during March.
Some scholars have noted the northern hemisphere link between winter turning to spring that falls around April 1.

Curiously, the first recorded link between April 1 and foolishness is in Chaucer’sThe Canterbury Tales, from 1392 but this may have arisen because of a mistranslation.
Other early references to April Fool’s include a French poet who wrote of poisson d’avril (April fool, or April fish) in 1508 and the first clear British reference to April Fool’s was in 1686, when writer John Aubrey wrote of “Fooles holy day”.
In 1698, several people were tricked into going to the Tower of London to see the annual “washing of the lions”.

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