Is this the tallest woman in Nigeria?(Pictures)

Is this the tallest woman in Nigeria?(Pictures)

photo of tallest woman in nigeria
Tallest woman in Nigeria?

Is this the tallest woman in Nigeria?
The woman is reportedly the tallest woman in Kogi state. Reports has it that she was given recognition by late former Governor of the state, Prince Audu Abubakar.What i find impressive about her is her posture.Normally people that tall,stand in very awkward ways,she looks really well aligned and comfortable with that height.No signs of her slouching or uneasy in her skin.No one knows how tall she is officially though.I think she is almost 7 foot tall from what i can see..Maybe 6 feet 10? But i will be surprised if she is not the tallest Nigerian woman..See another picture after the cut

By the way,there is a rival...She looks very tall as well,but she is skinnier,and she is wearing heels,when you are skinny you always look taller than you are,so its hard to tell.Look at the picture below and see who you think is taller among the two Nigeria women.
tallest woman in nigeria

Whatever what your answers or thoughts are,it would be very hard to find any women or ladies out their taller than these two Nigerian women.

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