Isa Yuguda ex Bauchi Governor says he left PDP cos $2.1b arms theft.

Isa Yaguda has resigned from the pdp in protest of the embezzled $2.1 arms money
The immediate past Governor of Bauch State, Isa Yuguda has left the PDP. The former governor who spoke in Bauchi on Saturday, April 23 said his decision to leave PDP was informed by the $2.1bn arms scandal.
"I wish to tender my resignation as a member of the PDP effective from today, Saturday, 23rd April, 2016. My decision was informed by the shocking revelations on the embezzlement of $2.1bn meant for the procurement of arms to fight insurgency and reduce the sufferings of the victims of the insurgency,"  the statement reads.
"This dastardly act by the leadership and members of the government of the PDP has left a moral burden on all the members of the PDP. With $500m, the lives of the over two million deprived Internally Displaced Persons would have been better today
"I was a governor from the zone who received no material or financial support from the then Federal Government, and was also a witness to the wasting of human lives and properties because of the non-availability of fighting equipment and relief materials
"The realisation that the funds were embezzled which led to the death of thousands of women, children, young men and unarmed members of the Nigerian security forces have made it impossible for me to continue my membership of the party
"He who comes to equity must come with clean hands. Rationality, morality and common sense suggest that the PDP chairman should have cleared his name before aspiring to that position. In an ideal country, an allegation against a public officer compels him to resign his appointment
"In view of the foregoing reasons and my hard-earned reputation and other track records, I cannot be part of the characters that formed the present PDP leadership, as such, I do resign my membership of the party."

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