Kiss Daniel clashes with Ebuka over age on Rubbing Minds

Kiss Daniel clashes with Ebuka over age on Rubbing Minds

kiss daniel on rubbing minds

Kiss Daniel age issue is really raising a few eyebrows.Not long ago,there was controversy regarding the Woju singer's age,he had said in an interview with the Punch Newspaper that he left University at the age of 21,now he was supposed to have graduated 4 years ago by then,prompting Nigerians to say if you left Uni at 17,when did you get in? 12 or 13?

So when he had the chance to go on Rubbing Minds with Ebuka,it was a chance to clear
the air,or at least so Ebuka thought.
When Ebuka asked him how old he is he replied "if it is about the age stuff my label will release a statement"

Then Ebuka then asked "Is it that you don't know how old you are?"He replied- "About the age stuff, my team we are putting out a press release on that. For now, I would love not to say anything. Because, its more than how old I am now."

When Ebuka still kept pressing him, he said "Because music is my business, its my business."


kiss daniel LAYE
Kiss Daniel 
I saw the interview and i liked the way he spoke and carried himself,he also handled Ebuka very well,Ebuka can be intimidating ,but he firmly put him in his case regarding the age thing.This is show business,you are allowed to lie about your age if you want to.Its called branding,lol.

Watch the interview below

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