Kunle Poly,the death and myth of a notorious Kwara Nigerian cultist

Kunle Poly,the death and myth of a notorious Kwara Nigerian cultist

Kunle Poly,How he met his death and rumours surrounding the Nigerian cultist.For a long time i didn't touch this story.It sounded ridiculous to me.We heard all sorts.At first it was Kunle killed for stealing goats,then it was Kunle killed for turning humans into goats for ritual purposes.I really believed this was some kind of April Fool.How can anyone take such a story seriously? But it now seems that there are some elements of truths to the Kunle Poly story.Yes he was beaten by a mob which eventually led to his death.Yes he was a notorious cultist and yes some goats where found in the vehicle that he was caught in.

But does that mean those goats were humans who were transformed? Can't even believe i am asking that silly question.Well you will find out here the true story behind the Kunle Poly killing,it would
then be up to you to decide whether there are any truths in the mythical way he came to his end.

History, biography of Kunle Poly.

The middle-aged man alleged to be a notorious cultist and kidnapper, popularly known as Kunle Poly, met an awful end after he was beaten to a pulp by an angry crowd in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

Kunle Poly, according to information gathered, died at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH), after the police rescued him from being burnt alive and rushed to the medical facility.
The incident which happened on Thursday, March 31, saw the crowd corner the man who, before then, was reputed to be invincible, and before he could disappear, pelted him with all manners of weapons and were hell bent on burning him before the police arrived and whisked him away.
image of Kunle Poly.
The angry mob allegedly accused the now deceased Kunle Poly of kidnapping four people and turning them to goats.
An eyewitness who participated in the jungle justice, said Kunle Poly and two of his accomplices who managed to escape, had gone to  Abayawo-Oko, a village in the outskirt of Ilorin, and allegedly kidnapped four people.
The witness stated that villagers who saw the suspects while abducting their victims, chased them with motorcycles.
Luck was said to have run out on the suspects when two of their car tyres burst on Temidire Street and while Kunle Poly was apprehended by the mob, his accomplices escaped.
He added that the mob beat Kunle Poly to a pulp and was about to lynch him when he was rescued by policemen from Surulere Police Station and another team from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.
The State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Ajayi Okasanmi, confirmed that Kunle Poly was beaten to a pulp by the mob, adding that he was later confirmed dead by doctors at the UITH.
“An alleged notorious criminal was caught by members of the public. Eight goats were found in his car. We have information that the suspect had been a notorious criminal. He is called Kunle Poly, Nobody knows his real name.
By the time the people were trying to mete out jungle justice to him, policemen were invited and they rescued him.
The vehicle and the goats in it had been taken to the police station while the suspect was rushed to the Civil Service Clinic because he sustained injuries. He was rejected at the hospital, but was later taken to the UITH where he was confirmed dead.
On the issue of turning human beings to goats – as far as I am concerned, it is not practically possible for human beings to turn to goats. Goats were found in his (Kunle Poly) car.
The allegation was that he stole those goats. As a common criminal, somebody who is known for crime, the anger of the people overtook them and they started to deal with him.”

So there you have it people.expect a movie soon about Kunle,you can bet your life on that,and i know who will be playing him,Odunlade Adekola,lol...
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