Meet the guy who predicted Prince was going to die on Facebook!

Austin hester prince

Austin Hester was the man who predicted Prince death,was it a hoax or real?

prediction of the death of musician prince
Apparently this man Predicted the death of Prince Roger Nelson a year ago on Facebook! I am not sure how i feel about this,i don't think it's right saying someone will die publicly,that can't be a nice thing can it?
The man who goes by Austin Hester shared a post on Facebook asking 'how crazy it
would be if Prince died in a year'. The creepy thing about it is, he shared the post on April 22nd 2015.. Fast forward to a year later, Prince suddenly died away yesterday, April 21st. His post has been shared by thousands on different social media platforms. 

Austin has since shared a screen shot of part of the private messages he's received & the number of friend requests coming in to his Facebook account.

Reactions Austin Hester got after predicting Prince death.


  1. The original status did not have "edited" on it. In fact it's still not there if you look at his page. This graphic that says "edited" is doctored.

    1. Yea i guess you're right,that makes it very suspect