Mide Martins breaks up with Husband Afeez Owo after cheating allegations.

Mide Martins breaks up with Husband Afeez Owo after cheating allegations.

  • Yoruba actress Mide Martins leaves husband Afeez Owo.

  • Mide Funmi Martins and husband Afeez Owo break up as marriage ends.This is a very sad story but i'm sure it won't come as a surprise to many.There have been rumours in the past of them breaking up and Mide cheating.And now in 2016,it looks like it has finally happened.

  • Like i said,this is no surprise to many,especially after i reported yesterday in a post the blatant way in 

  • which Mide shunned her husband on social media by refusing to send him a birthday message,this 

  • despite the husband sending her 3 different messages on social media.It was a somewhat strange and 

  • embarrassing situation,cos there you are having all their colleagues wishing Afeez a happy birthday 

  • and using his pictures as their DP,while his

  • wife totally ignored him.The poor man must have been so embarrassed.Anyone who knows Mide 

  • well will know how much she embraces social media.She is very busy on instagram and posts a ton 

  • of pictures.It is also a common habit for the actress and her friends to wish anyone celebrating their 

  • birthday well on social media ,so it did seem rather strange how she will not acknowledge her 

  • husband.The fans even attacked her and asked her why she had not done so,but she ignored them 

  • still.She was definitely sending a message.

Now back to the story of their break up.It is reported that the break up is due to Mide cheating with a big boy based in Abeokuta.

  • According to Bon online,it had in the last weeks heard gists flying that both of them have gone their seperate ways but diligently wanted to be sure of the facts before going to press.
    Mide Martins with husband and children.

  • A lots of stories are flying around but all comes to one thing Infidelity. 
    Bon sources reveal that both have been living apart for months but are not even on each other bbm.

    We gather that Afeez is upset that mide is too close for comfort with an Abeokuta continuty and a property merchant who made her brand Ambassador and a top NURTW and a socialite. 
    We gather that close friends had settled them days back and that was why Afeez greeted her on his social media platforms and bbm as a sign of maturity but no one knows why Mide refused to reciprocate his gestures as mide neither said happy birthday to him on her bbm nor her instgram today. 

  • We sent SMS to both Afeez and mide and called them severally both ignored the messages and calls at press time. 
    A lot of Nigerians have been coming for Mide online,calling her all sorts of names,a wh*re and goal digger were some of the names thrown around.But i do not agree with this.

  • People break up in all fields of life,even Mama Chukwudi who sells bread down the road left her husband for somebody else or we all know an Iya Bosun who cheated with a local mechanic.It happens,people are people.If a man or a woman does not want to be with their partner anymore for whatever reason,they will leave.
  • People find their levels,and if we are all honest,we will admit that Mide and Afeez were a total mismatch.I am even surprised that their marriage has lasted this long.Everybody who watches Yoruba films were shocked when the two got together.The funny thing is that the same people who were saying Mide should not have married Afeez and that he must have used Juju or charms on her,are now the same people abusing her now that she has left.

  • It's just those poor kids i feels srory for.Kids are the ones who suffer.How are those two girls gonna handle the fact that their parents have broken up and their marriage has come to an end? No more happy home,or family,no more mummy and daddy..Poor things.
  • The day i realised that Mide and Afeez's marriage will come to an end eventually,was the day i read an interview with Mide saying even she thought her husband had used Jazz on her with the way people were talking about their marriage.But she then went on to say she is sure that he didn't cos if he did,by now she would have woken up and be freed from the spell.Well,whatever spell it was ,love,respect or jazz,it seems the spell is broken and Mide Martins has decided to find her way.

  • Additional story source: BON

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