Nigerian policemen to undergo Drugs testing before allocation of firearms!

Nigeria Police news.Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, has said that all Policemen will henceforth undergo snap urine tests to detect any signs of drug abuse before they can be issued firearms. This is a fantastic development and it's a wonder why this has not been standard procedure for years.Whne you hear stories of some of the atrocities Nigerian policemen commit with their weapons,you know they could not have
been 100% normal.Testing these police officers and assessing them psychologically will go a long way to ensuring the safety of Nigerians and enforcing the faith of the citizens in the Nigeria Police.
Arase said this at the launch of drug testing kits and campaign against sudden death of police officers in Abuja today April 6th.
“After an in-depth study, my team and I have found out that some of these fatal cases could be due to mishandling of firearms by police officers who are psychologically unfit to handle firearms at that time. We have therefore decided that the medical assessment of persons we recruit into the police Force will include a psychological assessment“he said.

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