Nollywood's Mr Ibu shares pictures from Germany

Mr Ibu in London might be one of his popular Movies we all love,but when Nollywood actor and comedian,Mr Ibu original name John Okafor decided to venture into Europe this time around,he chose Germany and not London.Seems a lot of Nigerian entertainers are going to Germany frequently recently.What's the deal?Mr Ibu the popular Nollywood actor and comedian shared some pictures of his trip.Some picked on him on social media for looking glum in one of his pictures,but as you can see,it was not all a glum affair,he actually smiled and seems to be having a great time.
So i am guessing we should be expecting a movie right? Mr Ibu in Germany? Or is back to UK for Mr Ibu in London 2?His wife and children are not with him,so i am thinking a movie might be in the works.

More pics after the cut...

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