Rodrigo Ken Doll who spent £300k on plastic surgery has human eating infection!

The human Ken Doll contracts human eating flesh infection after yet another plastic surgery.

Rodrigo Ken Doll  is in hospital after contracting a flesh-eating infection following a nose job.I really can't understand what the hell Rodrigo is trying to do to himself.But i guess its a disease,its just like someone who has anorexia,they don't see what everyone else sees.So for that i will forgive and empathize with Rodrigo the human Ken Doll.But having said that,those surgeon who keep taking his money should be arrested! Something should be done to regulate these surgeons,Maybe we will still have Michael Jackson with us now if they had any ethics.

Air steward Rodrigo Alves, who is originally from Brazil but lives in London, made headlines

around the world after spending more than £300,000 on plastic surgery to transform his body.
He said he had felt miserable about his appearance before going under the knife at least 42 times in the last 15 years.

But three months after his latest operation on his nose, Rodrigo says he has been rushed back to hospital.Daily Record reports..
Posting a picture of his face in bandages, he wrote:

 "I had a nose reconstruction three months ago and it seems like the new cartilage has been rejected by my body.
"It is terrible and I am trying to go back to London as soon as possible for help."
Rodrigo Ken doll master of plastic surgery
 It got harder and harder to breath and now my nose in completely blocked. 
"A horrible hole has appeared in my nose and the infection is eating it.
"If it does not stop, it could eat my whole face. I am very worried."
In an update posted on Thursday he added:
"Thank you everyone who inboxed me today. I just want to say that I'm very well and everything is under control now.... Nothing to worry and life goes on"

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