See Video of moment Prince Kicked Kim Kardashian off stage at concert!

pRINCE AND KIM KARDASHIAN at concert before he kicked her off stage
Prince and Kim Kardashian.The world is still mourning the death of superstar Prince.Fans have been sharing their unique stories and celebrities are not left out.
So in 2011, Kim K was at a Prince concert and he invited her on stage to dance but she just stood there and smiled, after prodding her to dance and she didn't, he shooed her off the stage. He told her ..'Get off my stage' and she walked off the stage smiling.So we actually got to see Prince kick Kim Kardashian off stage for refusing to dance,all playfully and with a smile on his face. Well in this photo,Kim reminded IG users of that time and they started to take shots at her. Read some of the comments below:

fans react to prince kicking kim k off stage

Watch the video below... 

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