The Colonial mentality killing NFF as they go for Super Eagles Foreign Coach again!

The Colonial mentality killing NFF as they go for Super Eagles Foreign Coach again!

Super Eagles Nigeria to appoint foreign Coach again! I don't know how long it will take Nigeria to abandon our stupid colonial mentality! Listening to the current NFF President Amaju Pinnick,i just feel sick.He says Nigeria can only prosper with a foreign coach.How about the local coach who won the U17 World Cup,wasn't he a local coach? And before some of you say those players were over age,do you think those were the only over aged players in the tournament?Why didn't they win? Didn't Stephen Keshi a local coach win the nations cup after 19 years of not winning despite loads of foreign coaches? So why this
clamour for foreign coaches all the time?

How would this same Pinnick feel if he is removed and someone says only a foreigner can lead the NFF?Cos i promise you,a foreigner will do far better than the Mickey Mouse organization those clueless guys lead.
But NO,they will not blame their selves for the lack of structure which they have as a cause for our failure.They always blame the local coaches.The same local coaches that they will refuse to pay their salaries on time and undermine at every opportunity.Coach Samson Sia Sia did a fantastic job giving the situation.

Coach Samson Sia Sia.
They will not take the blame of Nigeria having a stadium like the National stadium in Lagos which holds 80,000 but has been abandoned and tuned into a religious seminar centre.

They will not take the blame for missing out on the vocal support an 80,000 crowd will have given the Super Eagles instead of going to play in the burning sun of the Kaduna stadium that holds only 25,000 people.
The same NFF will not take the blame of putting these players who are not sued to the heat of the burning Kaduna sun.But they will blame the local coaches.Pinnick and his men will not take the blame for having THREE COACHES FOR THE SUPER EAGLES in this campaign.How can you have three coaches in 2 years for a campaign to qualify for the Nations cup and think it will not affect the set up?
The NFF is a joke and Amaju Pinnick and his men should be embarrassed by their performance.It is also incredible that despite failing to qualify for 2 consecutive Cup of Nations tournament,these jokers will remain in power!

Stephen Keshi.
Now NFF President Amaju Pinnick says he will make sure he signs a foreign coach for the Super Eagles and that he won't go back on that promise as he isn't prepared to put the hopes of the Super Eagles Russia 2018 World Cup bid on a local coach.

NFF Chairman Amaju Pinnick.
Speaking to newsmen shortly after arriving from Alexandria, where the Super Eagles lost to Egypt in a tightly contested AFCON Nations Cup 2017 qualifier, Pinnick said Nigeria's fortunes can be improved just like Egypt if a foreign coach is employed.

''I cannot put our World Cup hopes on a local coach, we need a world class coach to reshape our football'' “That is why I cannot compromise my decision for a foreign coach (Cuper's success with Egypt). Egypt have so many professionals abroad, but Cuper used only five and he still went ahead to get the desired result. That is why I am insisting on a foreigner for the Eagles.

Now they will end up paying the foreign coach 3 times what they paid the local coach.I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND our people.Always bowing to the foreigners.Always feeling inadequate.Upon all our resources and talent,we can't manage a successful national team.It is very shameful.If a foreign coach is available who is the best man for the job,then very well go and get him,after all a super power like England and even Russia used a foreign coach once,but what i cant stand is how they undermine the local coaches always and make them feel they are doing them a favour and also insisting that the only way we can win is a foreigner.What will this kind of endorsement do to the ego and confidence of our local coaches?

Nigeria we hail thee..To the next episode.

Written by Wale for NAIJA BLOG Queen.
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