The funniest joke about Nigeria President Buhari's travelling ever!

This is an epic joke abour President Buhari's travelling.I have always said Nigerians are the funniest people in the world.It is not a secret that Nigerians have been complaining about President Buhari's travelling.But this response below is the funniest i have ever seen...I can bet my old Toyota Camry that if Nigeria is invited to an international breast feeding summit in Sweden,Buhari will attend! Chai! Is that funny or is that funny? This person should definitely be a comedian..This is
definitely my joke of the week...and my tweet of the month sef...lol...

Facts-Do you know President Buhari has travelled 25 times out of the country in less than a year?
Let's hope it all becomes for the good of Nigeria at the end of it all.

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