Toyin Adegbola Asewo To Re Mecca on her Husband,Children and hair.

Toyin Adegbola.

Toyin Adegbola Asewo to re Mecca is one of the most popular Yoruba Movies actresses.She got her popular name as a result of a part she played in a movie.Toyin is very synonymous with her low cut hairstyle.She has been sporting the short hair for as long as we can remember.
Her biography reveals she was born in Osun state in December 28 1961 making her 54 years old.We can safely say the actress does not look her age as she still sports a very youthful appearance.

Toyin Adegbola lost her husband in 2000 and has remained unmarried since.She had two
children with her late husband Kolawole Adegbola,they are a daughter Adeola and a son Adetunji.

Toyin Adegbola and daughter Adeola.

On how she cope with the tedious job and raising her children as a single mother? I have people living in my house. My sisters and even my sisters-in-law live with me in my hose. They normally take charge of the home when I am not available. More over, immediately I lost my husband, my children left this country.

Toyin Adegbola hair cut.

Speaking on her famous low cut hairstyle,she said- I started adorning this low-cut 13 years ago, that was in 2000 just as a sign of respect for my late husband. Later I wanted to change by plaiting my hair but my fans said I should leave it. So since then, It have been on low cuts.

On how she met her late husband-I met my late husband, late Anthony Kolawole Adegbola while I was working at the television house. He was at the Lagos branch, but there was a time he came to Ibadan for a meeting and that was how we met.

Asked about her many male admirers she said- I don't even have time for all that because I believe I have to take care of my children because hey are my tomorrow.And there is no man out there who'll be ready to pay my children's school fees or will be ready to take me home. None of them is ready to take care of my large responsibilities.

What was the defining moment of her career? It was when my movie, 'Asewo To Re Mecca', came out in the early 90s, it went all over the place.That should be my defining moment because I was moving around and people were calling me 'Ase To Re Mecca', even when I went to Jerusalem they called me Asewo.

However she did say she does not mind being called Asewo because she knows she is not wayward,it was only a part in a movie she played.But she does prefer being called Toyin Asewo to re Mecca than just Toyin Asewo.

When asked what she would have been had she not been an actress- I would have been a nurse; this is because when I was younger, I used to admire one of my mother’s friends, who was a nurse. I loved the way she looked in her white uniform, but as God would have it, I am now a veteran actress.

During Toyin Adegbola chieftaincy coronation.

The Yoruba actress was on Saturday March 5, 2016, installed as Yeye Meso of Oke-Irun, State of Osun, by HRM Alayeluwa Oba Isaac Adetoyi Adetuluese Olokose 11.

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