Toyin Aimakhu says she will stay single or Marry a White man!

Love don't live here anymore for Toyin and Adeniyi Johnson.
Toyin Aimakhu marriage.It is very annoying when i hear black women say things like i would never date a black man again,or i will only have a white man for a husband to have a happy marriage etc.Such ignorance.White men don't divorce right? White men don't have relationship problems? Go and check the statistics.It just shows that slave mentality is deeply embedded in us.If white men are so wonderfully perfect,why do some white women marry or date black men then? The simple fact of the matter is people are people,men are
men wherever you go in the world.Dating a white men does not guarantee happiness.

The latest black woman who seems to think the white man is a guarantee for a happy marriage is Toyin Aimakhu.Looks like the actress has given up on black men. Toyin, who is estranged from her ex husband, Adeniyi Johnson, said she will either remain single or only marry a white man. She said this in a new unscripted video of her reality TV series ‘KUWTA' which she posted on her YouTube channel yesterday.
"I got married to a Yoruba man. Baba (referring to Niyi) likes women too much so I ran away. But I still love Niyi. But I can't marry you again! Marriage? Married women dey try oh...May God give me strength to marry again. Marriage! I don't think it can work again. It's better I remain single or I'll go and marry a white"she said.
With last boyfriend Seun Egbegbe.

Get your house in order Toyin,the answer does not lie in colour,open your eyes and choose the right man for yourself. 

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