Why was Ben Murray Bruce not this vocal with tweets during Jonathan Regime?

Ben Murray Bruce is a busy man on twitter.

ben murray bruce tweets


Senator Ben Murray Bruce and his tweets have attained legendary status online now.They don't always speak sense,but quite a lot of them actually does speak sense.Now what gets to me is this,Ben Bruce was a key player in the last government of Goodluck Jonathan,he had his ears as well.So why didn't he put all this to the president and get them
implemented? Why wasn't he this vocal during that regime? Or is he saying it was a perfect regime and he needed to say nothing? I think we all know why.I think Ben Bruce is more concerned about undermining this Buhari led APC government than actually what is good for Nigeria or in Nigerias interest. Any way,the good senator shared more tweets today and this time they are about ways to solve youth unemployment in Nigeria.And they do quite sound sensible see more of his tweets after the cut...

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Ben Murray Bruce tweets on how to solve unemployment in Nigeria.

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