Wizkid abuses Linda Ikeji' and family,calls her Ugly B*tch and wants to beat her up!

I saw this coming.Really,the  Linda Ikeji Blog Wizkid thing was an accident waiting to happen and she should have stayed out of his business!She shouldn't have put herself in a position where a boy 10 years younger than her would say all these nasty things to her and her family.It is obvious that the blogger had reported the story of the afro beat singer's quit notice from his Lekki house to get back at him.See that story here.The two have had history in the past,the genesis being that of Linda reporting a story of a lady,Binta Diallo who was alleged to have had a child by the Naija singer in America. And judging by how he was rude to her,the blogger should
have known it will even be worse this time around.

Wizkid abuses Linda Ikeji and her family.
I think someone needs to get a hold of Wizzie and talk to him,he was totally out of order calling out Linda's family.That is absolutely disgraceful.

Binta Diallo,the girl who caused the Wizkid Linda Ikeji fight.
And saying a thing that she is just a blogger is equally disgraceful and shows the level of his ignorance.What is wrong in being a blogger? Are you any better being a musician? I am really disappointed in Wizkid with this behaviour,i am a fan but this is so disappointing and shows what is wrong with society today and this generation.Absolute lack of respect.
Starboy's Lekki house.

I can't even bring myself to write down here some of the things he has said about Ms Ikeji and her family..Sad really.

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