Burna Boy acting bad with Producer Orbeat in Fight Online!

Burna Boy acting bad with Producer Orbeat in Fight Online!

Burna acting bad in fight with producer orbeat over song leakage

Producer Orbeat in fight with Burna Boy over the song acting bad
Hot producer Orbeat who produced Soke for Burna Boy.

Burna Boy and Orbeat have been acting bad online in a move that reflects the song they are fighting over.Burna Boy and his producer Orbeat, who produced one of his biggest hits Soke ,are engaging in a war of words.In a year that has seen unprecedented beefing among Nigerian entertainers,Burna Boy and Orbeat continue the tradition.The cause of their beef apparently is Burna releasing a song which Orbeat said had not been cleared by him.Burna claims the song called "Acting Bad" was actually leaked.
Apparently, the song was produced by Orbeat – the same brain behind Burna’s hit single, ‘Soke’ – with the payment incomplete.
Despite the singer crediting the producer as being the brain behind the production of the song, Orbeat
went on an unapologetic Twitter rant today, lashing out at Burna Boy for releasing the song without his consent and owing full payment for previous works.The fight has gotten really nasty with Burna calling Orbeat a crack head and Orbeat replying that Burna should ask his mother who the real crack head is.I really don't understand exactly what that last statement means.Here are some of the exchanged tweets between Burna Boy and Orbeat below...
Burna boy just likes to party

Burna’s acknowledgment of Orbeat wasn’t enough to placate the seemingly aggrieved producer who would go on to tweet:

Meanwhile, upon the song’s release yesterday, Burna had claimed the song was unfinished and was a leak.
However, in what appears like a response to Orbeat’s Twitter rant today, the ‘Abeg Abeg’ hit maker has seemingly referred to the producer as being ‘fake’.

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