Chinese men sample what it feel like to be a newly born mother

men experience what it feels like to be a mother
Chinese men,so what's that black guy doing there?lol
A group of men in China were given the opportunity to experience childbirth and breastfeeding at an event in Harbin, northeast China. 
The event took place on May 8 as part of a breastfeeding flashmob to celebrate Mother's Day

in the country. The men can be seen grimacing in pain as they experience childbirth while their partners look on in amusement. 
men who experience what it feels like to be a new mum
A couple of the men seem to be in excruciating pain, gripping onto the handle bars of the beds. While in the breastfeeding photos, they all seem to have a bond with their 'fake babies'. 

The aim of the event was to help raise awareness of the importance of breastfeeding.This isn't the first time that men in China have been able to get an insight into what childbirth might be like. 

In 2014, Aima maternity hospital in Shandong province offered free sessions twice a week that allowed expectant dads to experience the pain. 

Stimulation pads are attached to a device placed above the abdomen giving the wearer shocks that make you feel pain. A nurse casually rises the intensity on a scale of one to ten.

Chinese men made to experience what it is like being a new mum

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