Crystal Renay and Monyetta Shaw get bitchy over Neyo

Crystal Renay and Monyetta Shaw get bitchy over Neyo

Neyo Monyetta shaw and Crystal Renay beef

Crystal Renay and Monyetta Shaw.Why do celebrities nowadays feel they have to talk about everything?Monyetta Shaw did a lot to keep Ne-Yo...she did threesomes with him, gave him a pass to cheat and even tied her tubes when he asked her to...but nothing kept him. Earlier this week, the mother of two opened up about the failed relationship, saying she regreted giving in to his request for threesomes.

Ne-Yo's wife, Crystal Renay, was obviously not impressed with what Monyetta said because she uploaded some thinly veiled shade to Moneytta on SnapChat. See their drama after the cut...

Neyo's wife crystal renay beefs her rival Monyetta
This was followed by Monyetta's own shade... 
Monyetta shaw Neyo's ex replies her rival Crystal Renay
And then Crystal...making show her wedding ring showed... 

Monyetta shaw talks about thresomes with Neyo
Ne-Yo's ex, Monyetta Shaw had made revelations about her sex life with the singer earlier,i don'y know why these people feel they have to talk about everything in public.Don't they have no pride or shame?. On the latest episode of "Dont Be Scared" podcast with David, Jah and Janee to discuss her new book, the former Hollywood Exes star admits to previously compromising her values during her relationship with Neyo, the father of her two children, including occasionally engaged in threesomes.

"You're in a relationship, you know your partner, I wasn't a prude," she said. "I went hard for my relationship, it kind of happened and that's what it was. The reason why I thought it was important to put it in there [the book] just when my daughter gets old enough to read it, or my son, it's necessary [in the book] because whatever you do — you ain't gon' keep him."

Monyetta shaw used to be married to r and b singer neyo

When asked why she agreed to the threesomes, Monyetta said she was willing to do anything for her man:

"I love hard and I went hard for my man, no question, and I feel like I did those things at the time because I felt it was necessary and I was in love."

She however, had one rule regarding their threesomes: no seafood.
"I've never tasted the seafood, let's be clear," she said. "I have no desire to taste the seafood."

She also said she was positive their relationship would never dissolve. "If you would've told me that we weren't going to be together, I would've told you that you were a damn lier," she said. "I knew that he had my heart and I had his heart no matter what."

Also speaking on the concept of "hall passes," she said while she gave the "Because of You" singer permission to cheat as long as he used protection, she doesn't recommend women following her suit.

"Absolutely not. Girl, run! Don't do it," she said. "He was my best friend, it was straight up ride or die. I just saw my family breaking up — I don't know that word, my parents have been together 44 years. So I'm like, what do I need to do? What is it? I know this is your problem so here, this is what you gotta go thinking he'll get over it... Even though I'm dying inside."

She is also not happy with people pitting her against Ne-Yo's new wife, Crystal Renay.

"Let me say this, it’s good to see that I have support but to trash another woman, that’s not cool. It’s not what I want. Let’s just say the internet has no chill, social media has no chill and they’re definitely going to voice their opinions. I’m not everybody’s cup of tea clearly and she’s not, he likes what he likes obviously and he don’t care. That’s whats’s up. Even when I first started dating him it wasn’t all peachy for me. […]
When I first started dating him people started putting me with people I never even met before, I think it just comes with the territory. And then just stepping into his life at the time she kind caught it bad because everybody thought we were going to get back together—hell, I know I did. That’s why, it’s not really good but it comes with the territory. To even be in a relationship with a celebrity you have to have thick skin"

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