Culture or Peadophilia as 60 yr old Somalia man marries 14yr old bride?

is this peadophilia as 60 year old man marries 14 year old girl14 year old bride married 60 year old man in Somalia
Older groom getting married to a much younger wife is not exactly a new thing,but when you have a 60 year old man marrying a 14 year old girl,that has gone past the older groom category and defines peadophilia in my opinion.But if the culture allows it,is it still peadophilia?According to a Mogadishu Freelance Journalist Hassan Istiila, the 60-year-old
man got married to a 14-year-old in Somalia. "It's no surprise, but the people get angry when they saw a 60-year-old man married 14 yrs-old in Somalia" he tweeted yesterday, May 9. Still can't get this into my brain.I just feel so sorry for that poor child.

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