David Cameron British Prime Minister calls Nigeria corrupt on Video.

David Cameron seen on video calling Nigeria and Afghanistan two of the most corrupt countries in the world

Cameron calls Nigeria corrupt in Video.Why is everyone making out they are shocked and making a big deal of British Prime Minister David Cameron caught on camera telling the Queen of England, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Speaker John Bercow, that Nigeria and Afghanistan were the two "fantastically corrupt countries" in the world?
Was that something we didn't know or something that the whole world didn't know?For the last 20 years or so,you cannot see a list of corrupt countries without Nigeria being named as one of them.We are corrupt and everyone of us knows it,so David Cameron calling Nigeria corrupt on a video should not be a big deal or a shock.Hopefully what it will or should do is shame our leaders to try and change their corrupt ways and for once put the interest of the country first.

To the credit of President Buhari ,who is expected in UK for a corruption summit,The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby actually said"This particular President is not corrupt and he is trying his best" So people are watching,they know the bad eggs from the good ones.Cameron or no Cameron,we should learn to accept the truth about Nigeria's corrupt reputation.
 See the video after the cut..
Meanwhile,The presidency has replied British Prime minister, David Cameron, over his comment today that Nigeria and Afghanistan were possibly the two most corrupt countries in the world. In a statement released by the Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Shehu Garba, the Federal Government said Cameron's statement is certainly not reflective of President Buhari's work against corruption

"This is embarrassing to us, to say the least, given the good work that the President is doing. The eyes of the world are on what is happening here.It(Cameron's statement) is certainly not reflective of the good work that the president is doing. The eyes of the world are on what is happening here. The Prime Minister must be looking at an old snapshot of Nigeria. Things are changing with corruption and everything else. That, we believe is the reason they chose him as a keynote speaker at the pre-summit conference.”‎the statement said

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