Girl tried to Flee Australia after $4.6m was mistakenly paid into her account!

 Christine Jiaxin Lee,
Hahahaahah,This 21 year old girl really tried to flee Australia after someone had mistakenly deposited $4.6m into her bank account! I don't really blame this poor girl for seeing a whole new world right in front of her face.But if she had any sense ,she should have realised its a fantassy,she could never get away with it. Christine Jiaxin Lee, 21, who was arrested last night at Sydney Airport,
Australia, trying to flee to Malaysia, allegedly spent millions on handbags and luxury goods after $4.6m was mistakenly transferred into her Westpac bank account 4 years ago when she was just 17.
The chemical engineering student still allegedly owes $3.3m to her bank. She allegedly purchased ‘luxury items’ while taking advantage of the mistakenly extended overdraft. It is alleged she failed to notify the bank that she was not entitled to the money.

She knew police were attempting to make contact with her and she obtained an emergency Malaysian passport in order to leave the country. She is 3 years through a 4-year chemical engineering degree but has deferred her final year. She is due to appear at Downing Centre Local court on June 21

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