Harambe Gorilla shot and killed as boy falls into pit divides opinions.

Harambe Gorilla shot and killed as boy falls into pit divides opinions.

picture of 4 year old boy and harambe gorilla that was shot dead

Gorilla shot dead.You must all have seen the video or heard of the little 4 year old boy who fell into a gorilla pit at a zoo in the US city of Cincinnati,resulting in the Harambe gorilla being
killed to save the boy supposedly.Many feel the gorilla should not have been shot and killed and another way should have been found to rescue the boy.But really when you think about it,is that risk worth taking? We know we have to preserve our animals,but at what cost? Is a gorilla's life worth more than that of a human especially a little boy? If it were your child in that pit,would you have taken the chance and waste what could be valuable time in trying to rescue the 4 year old child?

Gorilla and boy-Many said male gorilla Harambe should not have been shot dead as he did 
not intend to hurt the boy, some using the hashtag #JusticeForHarambe.

Others said the parents should be held responsible for not looking after their child during Saturday's incident.
Zoo officials shot dead the gorilla after he grabbed and dragged the boy.

Deonne Dickerson and Michelle Gregg - the parents of the four-year-old boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo
Parents of the 4 year old boy who went into the Harambe gorillas's pit.

The 4 year old boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure
The zoo said it had taken this action against the 400lb (180kg) gorilla as the situation was "life-threatening".
Twitter user StrayanRepublic, wrote: "#HARAMBE wasn't dragging him to kill him... he was protecting the child from the threat of screaming tourists. @Xoxjlove @CincinnatiZoo."

Kenz, another user, posted this message: "#JusticeForHarambe its so sad that an endangered animal had to be put down because of careless parenting."
Meanwhile, Andrue wrote: "Why don't zoos have instant acting tranquilizer? First those 2 lions now Harambe #JusticeForHarambe."
He was referring to last week's incident when two lions were shot dead in a zoo in Chile after a man entered their pen in an apparent suicide attempt.
More than 60,000 people have also signed a special petition, calling for the boy's parents to "be held accountable for the lack of supervision and negligence that caused Harambe to lose his life".
It's a sad situation,and we all feel bad that the gorilla had to be killed,but we cannot say because the parents had let the boy wonder into the pit,he should be left to be killed or risk him being killed by the gorilla.What i agree with is why there has not been a form of tranquilizer that can instantly render these animals powerless or paralyzed temporarily.Cos you can bet your bottom dollar that this is not the last time that something like this will happen.Until they find something like this,many animals will be unnecessarily killed and the world robbed of their presence.

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