Kenya Police animals brutalize peaceful Election reforms protesting civilians

kenya police beating up civilians who are protesting for election reforms on May 16th 2016
These pictures of Kenya Police brutalizing civilians who were peacefully protesting for election reforms left me in tears and they should be ashamed of themselves for the shame they have brought on Kenya.I had to sensor the pictures here,there was no way i could load all the pictures.Civilians with gaping head wounds,blood everywhere,lying helpless on the floor.Very sad.Why do African Police behave like this? Admittedly a lot of police all over the world have a beast in them.But it seems the African police and military men are particularly more heartless and inhumane.At least the other police in other countries or continent seem to do it more to foreigners,not on their own.

Kenyan police brutalized some of the civilians who engaged in a protest in Nairobi yesterday May 16th. The Kenyans were protesting for election reforms ahead of the country's presidential election holding next year.
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 The police officers were photographed beating the protesters with batons and also tear gassing them. The unfortunate incident took place outside the headquarters of Kenyan's electoral commission.The President of the country and the Chief of police should equally hang their heads in shame.I weep for my Kenyan brothers and sisters.
kenya police attack a helpless civilian in the nairobi protest 2016

 beaten and bloodied kenyan at the police attack on protesting civilians in nairobi on 16th of may 2016


Photo credit: Reuters/AFP

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