Lekan Shonde arrested by RR Squad for alleged Ronke Bewaji Murder

Lekan shonde arrested for the alleged killing of his wife ronke bewaji shondeLekan shonde arrested by Rapid response squad in lagos for the murder of his wife ronke bewaji
Police arrest Lekan Shonde.RRS operatives this afternoon picked up Lekan Shonde, the man who allegedly beat his wife, Ronke Shonde, to death at their home in Lagos last week. He was arrested this afternoon.The picture above is that of Lekan after he was arrested today Monday.
Lekan had earlier claimed in an interview that he is a Lagos boy and could be in hiding for
30 years without nobody being able to find him.Well,he has just showed he is no Lagos boy.He was picked up hours after the statement.

Ronke Bewaji shonde of Egbeda Lagos who died in domestic violence

The gist we gathered is that it was friends of Lekan who persuaded him to give himself up to Police in a quest to prove his innocence.The efforts to get him to surrender began early this morning ( Monday, May 9 ) when his friends contacted Chris Kehinde Nwandu, a popular blogger and some people. They were advised to come to Ikeja with Lekan. And they met at a hotel in GRA Ikeja, Lagos, around 11:30 am.
After a short discussion, they moved to the Secretariat in Alausa, Ikeja, to meet with the commander of the Rapid Reponse Squad, Tunji Disu, around 12 noon.
From the secretariat, they moved to the office of Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni, who handed over the suspect to the homicide section in Panti, Yaba, Lagos.
Lekan Shonde making a call at the Police station after his arrest

Lekan Shonde at Police station.Why isn't he wearing his shoes? 

Read Lekan Shonde interview here about his wife's adultery here.

Banker Ronke Bewaji Shonde was beaten and suspected to have been pushed down from a flight of stairs meeting her death while in argument with her jealous wife beating husband.He had admitted to beating bis wife in the past but claimed the last time was 3 years ago.
He also claimed while speaking from his hideout in an interview that on the day his wife met her death,she had been gone for 4 days and on getting back taunted him with the fact that she had been with another man for 4 days.

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