Loose women Saira Khan tells hubby Steve Hyde to sleep with other women!

Loose women Saira Khan tells hubby Steve Hyde to sleep with other women!

saira khan tells husband steve hyde its okay to sleep with other women

Saira Khan husband.This is not a joke,Loose Women's Saira Khan has given her 

husband Steve Hyde permission to sleep with other women!

The Loose women panelist came to this decision because she’s lost her sex drive.

The TV presenter didn’t hold back during a discussion on Loose Women among the 

panelists about sex.

Khan admitted she was no longer interested in having sex with her husband Steve Hyde, 

who she has been married to for 11 years.

She confessed: ‘I’m 46, I have a busy life and have two kids. I am so lucky.

lose women saira khan in the news over husband revelation and her sex drive loss

‘We used to have a fantastic sex life. I still love my husband, we cuddle up and it’s lovely. 

We’ve been together for 11 years, but I’m not interested [in sex]. I don’t want to.’

Khan then revealed that she had given her husband permission to sleep with someone 


because she wants him to be happy.

She said: ‘The other day, I was dressed up to go out and he told me I looked nice and I was 

like, “Thanks!”, and ran out of the door.

‘As soon as he comes home, I panic and start saying, “I’m so tired!” I’m embarrassed to say 

this but I said to him you can go with someone else if you want.

I want to make him happy. He’ll kill me for saying this… Am I the only one?’

Agony aunt Coleen Nolan reassured Khan claiming that it was difficult to get in the mood 


‘You don’t always fancy it and then it takes 20 seconds to get in the mood and sometimes 

another 20 to do it,’ she said.

Nolan then cracked a joke about her wedding night: ‘I did it three times. I remember it well 

as it’s the last time we did it.

‘Twice at night and first thing in the morning.’

What makes this sound so crazy is most women will shoot their men if they so much as 

suspect he is making eyes at another woman,and here is one who says its okay to go and 

have a shag?It is true indeed what they say about different strokes for different folks.But i 

think if at the age of 46,you don't wanna be intimate with your husband,there is a 

problem.Maybe Saira just sees her hubby as a friend or confidant now and she is too 


to admit to that.She is happy to just have him around cos he's a great companion,but there 

is no spark.As soon as she bumps into some hunk she fancies,you just watch what will 


Steve Hyde Sira Khan.

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