Man has cheater written all over Range Rover in Red paint by scorned lover!

scorned lover writes all over range rover outside harrods uk
Scorned lover.A man, who had parked his brand new £90,000 Range Rover outside luxury department store Harrods, found cheater written all over it in red paint by someone , he wasn't best pleased. I really don't think this kind of thing is cool at all.I hope there is a law for this and i hope she is prosecuted.If this were a man,we would call it a form of abuse.No excuse for this at all.There are other ways she could have
dealt with the situation.
The red-faced motorist came back to find the word 'cheater' had been spray-painted in large red letters, possibly by a disgruntled ex..
According to Daily Mirror, the man refused to speak as he jumped into the white car before driving off. 

Range Rover scribble scorned lover
Dozens of tourists stopped to pose with the car, which was parked on Basil Street in Knightsbridge, central London before it was driven off along Rysbrack Street to an unknown location.
jilted lover writes all over range rover parked outside uk harrodsred paint all over cheaters range rover parked outside harrods

scorned lover writes red latters all over white range rover in uk

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