Man who claims he's musician Prince Biological son wants DNA test.

picture of man who says he is prince's biological son carlin williams
A man claiming to be Prince’s biological son has been pictured for the first time and is demanding a DNA test to prove the late star was his father.

Carlin Q. Williams is 39-years-old and has now filed legal papers claiming that Prince was his daddy.I saw this coming,every crazy person will jump out of the woods saying prince was their biological father.Where were they while he was alive?I think they know this won't get nowhere,but they will get their 15 minutes of fame,and who knows where that could lead

Carlin Williams claims that his mother - Marsha Henson - met Prince at the Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri in July 1976.

According to TMZ, Henson claims that she had wine with the star and had unprotected sex.
In a signed affidavit, Henson claimed that she didn't have sex at all with anyone else during the six weeks before and did not have sex with another man during her pregnancy.

Man claiming to be dead singer princes' biological son demands DNA test to prove it
The man claiming to be Prince's biological son is currently incarcerated at a federal prison in Colorado for weapons transport, according to ABC.That alone will make Prince turn in his grave!
Up to 700 people have claimed to be Prince's half-siblings in a race to stake a claim on the star's $300million fortune.
Hundreds of people have come forward since the death of Prince,the Purple Rain singer two weeks ago.

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