Mystery of Dj Zeez N22m recording contract that court asked him to refund.

Nigerian artist dj zeez who a lagos court has asked to refund N22m to his record label

  • The Dj Zeez recording contract is a mystery that baffles me.A high court sitting in Lagos has ordered popular Nigerian hip-hop artiste, Zeez (formerly known as DJ Zeez) to refund over N22 Million to his record label, HF Music.But how can a Nigerian record label give Zeez N22m? How was it done? Was it all at once and what was the payment for? O have many friends in the music industry and no label spends that much money on an artist.Its a huge amount of money!

  • I would love to hear Dj Zeez's side of the story cos i am ready to bet N22m was not spent on him,and if it was,then that would be the biggest shocker ever in the Nigerian music industry.

    The presiding judge in the case ordered that Zeez, real name, Kingsley Elikpo to refund the sum of N22,378,605.70 (Twenty-Two Million, Three Hundred and Seventy-Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Five Naira and Seventy Kobo) being the total amount spent by HF Music through various advances made to and on his behalf, from the commencement date of his contract with the label until the point when it was breached by him to the company.

Dj Zeez had a couple of big hits back in the days namely Omoge Manchester and Foka sibe. 

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